Why Hosler Wealth Management?

Combining tax planning and wealth management for your best retirement.

As we are reminded every April 15th, paying too much in taxes can be hazardous to your wealth.  While you, of course, want to pay your fair share, most people are not aware of the many provisions available in the tax codes that can save you money.

If you’re not regularly consulting with a tax planner, you’re likely losing out on opportunities to save money.

The cash flow generated from higher after-tax returns can make achieving your goals that much easier.  That’s why combining tax planning with your financial planning and investment management is the most powerful way to speed your progress toward your retirement goals.  

A Higher Level of Advice

At Hosler Wealth Management, we build tax planning into everything we do for you.  That way, we’re always looking for ways to save you money and make your investments more tax-efficient.  Tax-free is our ultimate goal.

We believe this is more critical now than ever.  Why?  Because there’s a whole lot of risk out there:

  • The current bull market in US stocks has left most stocks very expensive
  • Interest rates are at or near generational lows

That puts retirement savers in a tough spot:  you have to take more risk than you probably should to achieve a reasonable return.

But risk and retirements don’t go together well.  We learned that in 2008 when many people had to postpone retirements due to larger than expected losses.

We believe there’s a better way:  use smart tax strategies to generate that additional return, instead of reaching for yield or higher risk.

Is Hosler Wealth Management Right for You?

I want tax planning together with wealth management, for no extra cost
Most people lose out on opportunities to save on taxes, simply because their tax professional doesn’t interact with their wealth manager. At Hosler Wealth Management, our team has deep tax experience along with retirement planning and investing expertise. You’ll have our entire team always looking for ways to save you money and increase your net returns.
I want an experienced team watching my money
You don’t want your retirement money subject to anyone’s learning curve. But unfortunately, there are advisors out there who haven’t lived through multiple economic cycles. At Hosler Wealth Management, we’ve been helping people like you successfully invest for the future for over 22 years. Using advanced, tax-efficient investment strategies and smart financial planning, we help you keep your money safe and productive.
I want advanced strategies to carefully control my risk
When you pay a firm to manage your money, they should be doing more than you can do on your own. So we go beyond simple investing strategies so we can help you more effectively manage risk and potential downside. Advanced strategies we may use for suitable clients include structured products, customized, low-fee annuities, and creative use of life insurance to help you get smoother, more consistent results.
I want all my advisors in one place (including tax preparation)
We offer truly full-service help: comprehensive financial planning, investment management, and complete tax preparation. Having everyone under one roof saves you time and hassle, and keeps our team working together on your behalf. Then, at tax time, you’ll have most of your paperwork already with us, saving you headaches of tracking down documentation.
I want to hear from my advisor more often
To get the best results, one meeting a year won’t cut it. Instead, we meet with most of our clients two or three times per year—either in person, by phone or via virtual conference (whatever is most convenient for you). During these meetings, we’ll focus on any areas where you need more help. Maybe you’re focusing on retirement planning, selling a business, planning for college, developing an estate plan or setting up a 1031 exchage to sell your property. Whatever it is, our team is ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work to find you options and help you determine the best course of action.
I want a service I won’t outgrow
Our team can help you as your wealth grows, so you won’t need to look for another advisor to better fit your needs. We’ve also got an outstanding network of allied specialists that can help you address more specialized needs. We’ll do the vetting for you to make sure they are a professional who can meet your needs cost-effectively and efficiently.
I want advice I can trust
You need objective advice you can trust, but not all financial advisors operate that way. At Hosler Wealth Management, we act in a fiduciary capacity while managing your assets, meaning we put your interests first. We also get paid primarily by fees, so we minimize the conflicts of interest that many firms do. As an independent firm, we report to you, not a parent company with shareholders. Bottom line: we provide advice you can trust.

At Hosler Wealth Management, we build tax planning into everything we do for you.  That way, we’re always looking for ways to save you money and make your investments more tax-efficient.  Tax-free is our ultimate goal.

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