Wealth Management

Generating extra return through tax savings

Today’s volatile investing climate can be challenging to navigate.  With the increasing presence of news and social media in our lives, it can create stress for even the most seasoned investors.

At Hosler Wealth Management, we believe you are better served by generating extra return through tax savings than through taking additional risk.  Risk is great when things move in your favor, but many people learned in 2008 that taking too much risk can take them farther away from their goals.

That’s why we work hard to get you an edge through tax savings, not through yield chasing or other “risky” behaviors.  You don’t want your future to be based on luck, and neither do we.

Instead, your money is invested prudently using low-cost investments and evidenced-based, conservative investing principles.  

Prioritizing Risk Management

You’ve probably heard the old saying “everyone’s a genius in a bull market”.  Well, we believe that’s true for financial advisors as well as investors.  Many advisors tend to “swing for the fences” with risk.  It’s great when things move in your favor, but we’ve seen what happens when they don’t (think 2008 or the dot.com crash).

That’s why we prioritize risk management.

For some clients, they don’t want to be a part of the wild swings of the stock market.  If that’s you, we can consider advanced strategies to help you lock in your principal and do it without the downside attributes of traditional annuities.

Our goal is to help you achieve your goals while you’re sleeping soundly at night. 

Asset Protection Strategies

Along with risk management, we also know that as your wealth grows, it’s important to keep it safe.  That includes keeping it sheltered from potential business liability or other risks.  In today’s litigious society, this is a critical step that many financial advisory firms don’t address.

Some of the strategies we can employ for you, based on your needs and goals:

  • Advanced tax strategies for lower taxes over your lifetime
  • Estate planning, with legacy and beneficiary designation planning
  • IRA Beneficiary Trust planning for asset protection for your heirs

You don’t want your future to be based on luck, and neither do we.

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